RV fire results in two fatalities

Around 7:35 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 31 the Geneva Police Department and Geneva Fire and Rescue received a call of a fully involved RV fire located at 305 E. Smith Ave in Geneva. Officer Ricky Morgan was the first one to arrive at the scene. He said when he arrived the house was already fully up in flames.
By talking with the family, it was determined that there were two people inside the house, and a general location of the bodies was determined. A brother of one of the victims attempted to run his car through the house to provide an opening to get them out of the house. He was unsuccessful as his vehicle was enveloped in flames as well. Once the fire department extinguished the fire, they, along with the state fire marshall began moving debris to locate the deceased.
The first body was located near the area of the front door. There was only one entry way into the residence. The second body was found in the bedroom area of the house.
The cause was determined to most likely have been from having space heaters plugged into extension cords, which Morgan said was extremely dangerous and probably the number one cause of house fires each year.
With help from the family, the bodies were identified as Stancil Earl Jacobs, 44, of Samson, and his girlfriend, Samantha Faye Loyd, 30, of Geneva.
After removing the bodies, they were taken to Montgomery to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science to determine an official cause of death.
Morgan said he would like to thank the Alabama Fire Marshall for assistance at the scene, as well as, the Samson Fire Department for delivering an additional tanker to the scene due to a lack of fire hydrants on that southern part of Geneva.

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