OHS Beta Club Inductions

Student Reporter, Sean Johnson

Last week Opp High School initiated its qualified junior applicants into Beta Club. The initiation is a formal process as all students were wearing their Sunday best attire. This is a huge honor for students as Beta Club only admits students with the most dedication to their education and the utmost integrity. As students could not have a D anywhere on their transcripts nor could they have any discipline record since the start of high school. According to Dr. Jackson, who oversees Beta Club, only 23 of the 70 juniors at OHS even qualified to apply for Beta Club.

Students applying had to list all their leadership positions they had held within the last two years, and they write a three paragraph essay about either how could contribute to the club or how they demonstrated integrity in their daily life. Most students chose to write on how they demonstrated integrity reflecting the high moral character of the club’s applicants. Beta Club is seen as an extracurricular activity. Club memberships and other extra curricular activities look good on a college resume for students. This is why almost every student who received an application took advantage of this opportunity and applied. Hopefully, these students will continue to take advantage of their opportunities and use Beta Club as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

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