Board denies parole of local drug offender

The second day of the resumption of hearings on Wednesday for the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles included denial of parole for a man in prison on drug charges from cases in Covington County.

The board denied the parole request of Roman Lindsey, 38.

According to the Alabama Department of Corrections, Lindsey is being held in the Staton Correctional Center.

In 2019, he was convicted of possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana in Covington County.

He was sentenced to a 97 month sentence for each count. He has served one year, five months and three days, as of Wednesday.

In 2011, Lindsey was sentenced for unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle. He served three years and 11 days of a five year and nine month sentence.

In 2008, Lindsey was convicted for receiving stolen property. He served two years, eight months and 21 days of a six year sentence.

In 2003, Lindsey was convicted of burglary. He received a five year term, but served one year, 10 months and 30 days.

Lindsey is considered a violent offender.
The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 22 parole hearings total on
Wednesday, granting parole in three cases and denying parole to 19.

Among those denied parole Wednesday were two murderers, a man
convicted of manslaughter and three sex offenders, including one man
twice convicted of sexual violence.

Five more Covington County offenders are set to go before the board next week.

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