Opp Halloween on Main Street cancelled, neighborhoods will participate

Opp Chamber of Commerce Director Kelly Brandin announces that Halloween on Main Street has been cancelled due to the current pandemic situation.
“After entering into discussions regarding Halloween on Main Street with the mayor, the decision has been made to not host this event this year due to COVID-19 concerns,” said Brandin. “Additionally, many of the businesses who would normally set up and pass out candy were unable to do so this year.”

Brandin extends her thanks to the businesses who did volunteer to participate in Halloween on Main Street.

As was announced at the Opp City Council meeting, Halloween will be celebrated in neighborhoods. Trick or Treating will take place in the neighborhoods on Halloween night at 5:00 p.m.

Mayor Becky Bracke suggested in the Oct. 13 council meeting that those interested in participating leave their porch lights on.

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