Seaney convicted for using false identity to obstruct justice

Johnathon Duane Seaney, 34, of Summerdale, Alabama recently pleaded guilty to Using False Identity to Obstruct Justice. Seaney was sentenced by Circuit Judge Lex Short under the Habitual Felony Offender Act to ten years in the Alabama Department of Corrections.

The evidence showed that Seaney was on probation in a 2018 drug case when he was stopped for a traffic violation. Seaney gave a false name at that time as he knew he had outstanding probation violation warrants. A ticket was issued under the false name Seaney gave. Officers discovered the crime two weeks later when the victim of Seaney’s false identity received notification of an upcoming court date and then contacted police to correctly identify Seaney.

Officers then again stopped Seaney on another traffic violation, where he used the same false name. At that time, Seaney was arrested on his outstanding warrants and also charged with Using False Identity to Obstruct Justice. Seaney told officers that he was sorry and that he “just wasn’t ready to go back to jail yet.”

Seaney’s probation was also revoked in the 2018 case as a result of this case.

Assistant District Attorney Nikki Stephens prosecuted the cases. She expressed her thanks to Deputy Joshua Sullivant and Sergeant Andy Sutley of the Covington County Sheriff’s Office for their work in making the case.

District Attorney Walt Merrell commented, “People fairly often will initially give the police misinformation, but when they do it to avoid arrest on warrants, that is a much bigger problem. Seaney did it not once, but twice. And these aren’t victimless crimes, either. The false ID he gave was that of someone close to him, who was then summoned for a court appearance on a ticket he knew nothing about. Fortunately, it was also someone not willing to take the rap for him. What Seaney had to deal with prior to giving a false name to avoid arrest was much less than what he wound up facing. He should’ve owned up to his problems and saved himself a lot of trouble.”

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