Greer jailed for attempted murder of Covington County Deputy

On the night of December 23, a Covington County Deputy was on his way home after finishing his shift when he observed the suspect parked on the side of the road as if he was entering the roadway.

The suspect, later identified as Dalton Greer of Crenshaw County, followed the deputy and got extremely close, alerting the deputy. The deputy gave a flash of his emergency lights to attempt to have the suspect to back off. The suspect backed off.

The deputy made a right turn onto US 29 when Greer accelerated and struck the rear of the patrol car. The suspect continued to strike the rear of the patrol car forcing it of the road. Greer fled the scene momentarily.

The patrol car was disabled and was stuck in the mud. The officer attempted to make chase but was unable. He exited his patrol car and made contact with  Sheriff Blake Turman.

While he was on the phone with Turman, Greer returned to the scene, and rammed the patrol car in a t-bone fashion. Greer fled the scene. Greer was recovered shortly at his residence.

Greer has been charged with attempted murder and is being held in the Crenshaw County jail with no bond.

“The safety of our officers is paramount. Our deputy was simply returning home from work and was attacked. This will not and cannot be tolerated,” said Turman. “I’m thankful my deputy is okay but he has endured a very traumatic experience. Please keep all our officers in your prayers as this hits home for all of us.”

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