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Opp City Schools to continue mask mandate

Opp City Schools has announced they will continue to use masks for the foreseeable future, due to the decline in cases of COVID they have seen since implementing the mask mandate.
On August 20, the Opp City School System made the decision to implement a mask mandate for all students, staff, and visitors in the schools. At that time, they were experiencing an increase in positive COVID cases and the number of students required to isolate at a rate that would make it difficult to continue school in the traditional manner.

They are now seeing a decline in the number of cases and as a result, they feel it is best to continue to use of the masks.

In the first four weeks of the school year, they had a total of 109 confirmed cases. At this time, they are experiencing their lowest number of active cases since the first week of school. They currently have 23 active cases and the number is declining. They feel wearing masks has contributed to this decline, and has allowed them to keep hundreds of students in school who would otherwise been identified as a close contact and required to quarantine and isolate.

“We will continue with no restrictions on outdoor extracurricular activities,” said Smithart. “In addition, we will not require the isolation of close contacts as long as they are symptom free.”

The exception is COVID in the home. If there is a diagnosed case of COVID in the home, the student or staff member should contact the school nurse and follow ADPH guidelines.

Everyone is asked to monitor their child’s health. If he/she is demonstrating any signs or symptoms of COVID or any infectious disease, please keep them home.
“If we do our part, we can combat this and provide our children the education and experiences they deserve.”

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