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Hartford goes wet

On July 26, Hartford citizens crowded the Johnny Hughes Center in Hartford to vote on one of the most important topics in the history of the city.

With a resounding 80 percent difference, the votes came out to 335 for yes and 70 for no. A total of 405 Hartford city citizens voted out of around 800 registered voters within the city limits.

The sale of alcohol is now legal in the city, but businesses will not be able to stock their shelves for the next couple of months. The Hartford City Council now has the process of deciding rules and regulations for the sale. Over the next two to three months, the council will hold workshops and meetings to decide on the ordinances that will control the sale of alcohol. The council may adopt a surrounding cities ordinances that has proven successful in the past.

Former City Councilman Paul Blount(District 4) believes the outcome of this vote will immensely help the city of Hartford. Blount is looking forward to the commerce and improvement the sale of alcohol will bring to his beloved city. For example, the income and traffic from beach travelers.

The citizens of Hartford are awaiting the many great things in store for their city.

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