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Alabama man arrested for kidnapping

Deputies from the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office met with a victim at the Bonifay Police Department on Saturday regarding an incident that commenced in the city of Bonifay and transpired through Holmes County and into Alabama.

According to the victim, Myniko Harrison of Samson unlawfully entered her residence and threatened another person. He proceeded to physically assault her and forcefully took her outside by pulling her hair. The victim made an attempt to contact emergency services by dialing 911, but Harrison seized her phone before coercing her into the rear seat of a vehicle.

While in the vehicle, the victim observed Harrison retrieving a handgun from his pocket. Harrison drove in a northerly direction on Hwy 79, and upon reaching the junction of Hwy 79 and Hwy 160, the victim desperately leaped out of the vehicle in an attempt to flee. However, Harrison caught up to her, continued physically assaulting her, and dragged her back to the car, while threatening to cause harm or kill her if she made any further escape attempts or tried to seek assistance.

The suspect proceeded to drive to his residence in Samson, where the ordeal persisted before eventually allowing the victim to depart.

Myniko Harrison was apprehended in Alabama by the US Marshals Task Force and is now facing multiple charges, including battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, depriving someone of the ability to contact law enforcement, and kidnapping with the intent to inflict bodily harm or terrorize the victim.

Additional charges are expected to be filed by the Bonifay Police Department and Samson Police Department.

Sheriff John Tate expresses his gratitude to the Bonifay Police Department, Samson Police Department, and all the agencies involved in the US Marshals Florida Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force for their valuable assistance and cooperation in apprehending Myniko Harrison.

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