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A time of convergence

 David asked the men standing near him, “What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace from Israel? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

(I Samuel 17:26)

We all know the story of David and Goliath, about a shepherd boy who killed a 9-foot-6 Philistine giant because David was under the anointing of God.

The Philistines were descendants of Noah’s son Ham, the son who had looked upon his father’s nakedness and thus violated God’s law. The Israelites were descendants of Shem, the “good” son of Noah. The incident that made David famous occurred about 3,000 years ago, but Israel’s struggle against its enemies endures to this day.

Guess where the Philistines lived? They dwelled in a region known as Gaza, which goes by the same name today. They were a ruthless, detestable people, similar to those who live there today.

The struggle between good and evil, between God’s chosen people and all the pagan tribes bent on destroying them, has lingered for centuries because it is a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle in the heavenlies.

God had a plan for the salvation of mankind even before the foundation of the world, even before Adam and Eve sinned. He would send a Redeemer, His very own Logos, as a onetime sacrifice for all of man’s sins. Jesus would be produced in the Jewish people, the legitimate descendants of Abraham.

Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, would have his name changed to Israel after an all-night struggle with God; and a new nation was born in the spiritual realm at that very moment.

This made Israel Satan’s number one target because he was adamant about holding on to the authority over the world Adam had handed him in the Garden of Eden. If the Messiah actually came, that authority would be taken away.

In spite of Satan’s best efforts, Jesus came. He taught truth for three years, was sacrificed on the cross, rose again and returned to His original home. He left behind a group of followers who “turned the world upside down.” Believers were given authority over evil, even though many over the centuries failed to exercise it.

Meanwhile, Satan imbued individual men and groups over the centuries with hatred for the Jews. Just as God is love, Satan is hate. That is the essence of his nature. Jesus came into the world as a Jew, so Satan will eternally hate Jews and try to destroy them until he meets his ultimate fate in the lake of fire.

We are still living in the “in between” time, but big things are about to happen. Jesus will deliver His followers before the final judgments come, but they are coming.

It’s important to remember that God never breaks covenant, even if men have often done so. God has a covenant with Israel, and He will honor it. Even though many Jewish people have already turned to Jesus (Messianic Jews), even more will be saved during the Great Tribulation. God will not abandon them.

For Christians who don’t like Jews, it’s important to remember Jesus came into the world as Jew. Mary and Joseph were Jews. The original apostles were all Jews. They are our spiritual ancestors. The people trying to destroy them are descendants of the pagan tribes who dwelled in the entire Mideast region. We have no spiritual connection to them.

For Christians who hate all Palestinians, remember that a small minority of them are Christians. About two percent of those who identify as Palestinian have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The time for God to put an end to the ages-old conflict with evil. He laid out the roadmap for this in His Word, a clear path to a victorious future, whether or not individuals want to believe it. God will exercise His will and keep His promises, and He doesn’t really need a single person to believe it.

But it’s best for you to do so right now, if you don’t already.

The terrorists who behead babies and burn people alive are engaging in physical and psychological warfare, trying to intimidate. These are ancient tactics that tools of Satan have always employed. These terrorists are not fighting for freedom. Their stated goal is to destroy Israel, control Jerusalem and eventually destroy America. Their chants betray their real motivation.

The Jewish people will go through a time of great trial, but they will not be eliminated. God brought them back together and returned their nation to them in 1948, which marked the countdown of the prophetic clock that is approaching midnight.

In other words, Israel will prevail and will see many miracles among the horrors of war.

The Hamas attacks on women, children and babies occurred on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, and 50 is an important number in Judaism. It marks a jubilee, a time of restoration (Leviticus 25).

The secular world applies the term “jubilee,” which is based on the Hebrew word for trumpet, to a 75-year celebration. It has been 75 years since the re-establishment of Israel.

This is a time of convergence. This is a time when the world will see the hand of God. For Jesus followers, it may just be a time when we will meet Him in the air.


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