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There are a lot of phone call scams going on in Geneva County. The local Dollar Store has asked the Sheriff’s Office to reach out to the citizens of Geneva County. The store has noticed some of its customers purchasing several gift cards at one time.
If someone calls you and advises that you have won a car and you need to go buy gift cards to pay the taxes. THIS IS A SCAM. No legitimate company would ask you to buy gift cards and call them back with the numbers to the card. Once you give them the numbers to the card over the phone; they have your money.
Another scam is that your family member or significant other has been hurt; and in the hospital, in jail in another state or that they are stuck in another Country and need you to buy the cards and send the numbers to them by phone. THIS IS A SCAM. For example: Someone came and bought gift cards because her friend, that she met on the internet, was stuck at the airport in Africa and could not board the plane until she sent the money. The person told her to buy gift cards and give them the numbers so he could board the plane. The sad part is, that she did and now she is out that money.
The Sheriff’s Office wants all our citizens to be aware of these scams and not to fall victim of them.

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